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Jalms is back! But with a twist. We are now the #1 resource for Royalty Free PodCast and VodCast Music.

What is the biggest rage on the internet right now? If you guessed PodCasting you are right. You could even say YouTube or VodCasting and you would still be right.

What is missing from 95% of all PodCasts? If you said good music, you are right again.

It takes about $30 bucks and some good content to make a PodCast. PodCasts are popping up everywhere and changing the landscape of talk radio as we know it. However, most PodCasters do not have the money or access to great music that could vastly increase their production value. Furthermore, many local and independent musicians are missing out on outstanding opportunities to get their music heard by millions of new listeners.

This is where Jalms saves the day. We plan to provide a new music to resource for Podcasters and promotional resource for musicians...all royalty free for the benefit of everyone.

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Have a PodCast? Get Music Now!

Are you a Musician? Get Exposure Now!

Pirates are welcome at Jalms! It's free either way!

PodCasts come in many varieties and all types of music are welcome. If you don't know what I mean, check out Kevin Smith's PodCast aptly called SmodCast. He adds substantial production value to his PodCast with an musical introduction and light music throughout the show.

Album Review

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Fuzzy Hair Band

The Fuzzy Hair Band is the first band to make Jalms. They are not a real band, but we had to start somewhere.

If I were to guess, the Fuzzy Hair Band's lead singer might be a pretty funny guy, but he looks a little overdressed. However, he probably has some mean vocals and it looks like he can't keep the cameras off him.

As we further develop this website we hope to quickly replace this band with your band. A picture is not really necessary. Instead, we will ask for a link to your home page (hopefully with hosted music) and a short biography. Thank you for visiting Jalms.